"Hapësira e një ëndrre" was the first dream come true, which 15 years ago made Alban Skënderaj part of Albanian music. How many dreams would follow in a row, so it was worth it after so many years to hold a concert that summarized all the artistic wealth of Alban. The concert "Hapësira e një ëndrre" was even so desired that within an hour all the tickets were sold out and two more live nights were added. Despite the fact that each song was brought in a new version, with the help of the RTSH Symphony Orchestra, the audience managed to understand from the first phrase which song it was. Moreover, that Alban's songs are simple, because they seem to read every emotion he holds within his soul. This project served as a model for all young artists, that with work, sacrifice and a lot of dedication you can be successful unconditionally.